Fashion as Self-Care?

We've been gone for a while but we're back with a 2020 kick off series. STYLE. FASHION. SELFCARE. As a stylist and boutique owner I've always thought that getting dressed everyday was therapeutic. It's how I appreciate and love on myself. Whether it's undressing in the mirror on a lazy Sunday or frantically shuffling through clothes for work or date night,  it's how I tell myself "I love you". There are tons of ways to practice self-care, more popularly known as a Spa day, Sleeping in, Therapy, nail dates, etc. but what about Fashion as self-care?  What if I told you that intentionally planning your outfit for each day to suit your personality and lifestyle could reduce stress and make you feel better about yourself. How many days a week do you look at yourself and think "Damn, I look good today" or just smile when you walk past a mirror? (Friday nights-Sunday are not included). Take a moment and seriously think about it. BE HONEST! I see it every day, in women of all ages and lifestyles. The overwhelmed  moms, the stressed out college students, the on-the-go business woman, the entrepreneur, the women doing all four at once, etc. The common thread I find is we're either overwhelmed or comfortable and honestly neither is acceptable and healthy. Black women are the definition of multitasking, we are the creator of "juggling", so why do we find it so hard to throw ourselves onto the plate to make sure we are taken care of and feel good? As the old saying goes "when you look, you feel good". This does not mean go shopping every day or use fashion as self-care to max out your credit cards, NO! Stand in your closet and look around. Take an evening and examine how you look now versus how you want to feel, look and be perceived. Are you pretty close or do you fall short in some areas? Think about the things you like to wear. Are you wearing them often or just "special" occasions? Notice I put quotation marks around special because to be honest every day is special.  Every day you deserve to feel special, look great and be worthy of walking in pure confidence.


Small Style Tips:


  1. Elevate - Do you like heels but find that you only wear them to the club or to hang with friends? That used to be me. Slide on an appropriate pair to wear to the office. 1-4 1/2 inches are the most appropriate for and office or business setting. 
  2. Each Sunday commit to an hour of outfit planning. You'll find that you can create tons of new looks with items you already own. This will reduce the stress of doing it every morning and will save you tons of time.
  3. Create a Pinterest board of how you wish to look. When you go to shop use this board as a guide to purchase things that speak to your personality and style


 Big Style Tips:


  1. Reserve a weekend and few bottles of wine to sort through your closet and toss anything that does not spark a feeling or joy and confidence. This can seem like a huge task but you have to severe ties with the version of you that you do not want to move forward in this journey.
  2. Highlight your assets while not negatively speaking/ hiding your flaws. I categorized this is a Big tip because the work comes from within. Adjusting your mindset is not a quick fix is often and long and altering journey. Read a lot. Learn your body. Treat her, appreciate and love on her.



Want to learn more?


Style Therapy: Fashion as Self-Care - This is a great book to expand your knowledge on Fashion as self-care. It is an in-depth guide on how what you choose to wear reflects how you perceive yourself and what to do to correct negative habits and behaviors. 


Reserve a Style Session with me -  We will rearrange pieces you already have in your closet to establish a foundation and create basic looks. We'll toss pieces that are not aligned with your style, do not compliment your shape/size or are dysfunctional to your wardrobe. 

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